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Payless Pink “Jessica” Round-Toe Pump Heels


This trendy man-tailored pump features a 3 ½” cone heel and a stylish round toe. Choose from a fabric or patent upper. These pumps are the perfect little segway into spring. And they are only 19.99 at Payless. AND today is the last day of BOGO (Buy one get one half off)…carpe diem ladies.


February 26, 2007 at 10:37 pm 1 comment

Forever 21 Navy and White Striped Canvas Handbag (Jessica Simpson)


Forever21 White Striped Canvas Handbag

This cute little bag is a bargain at only $20.80. Forever21 describes it as “A fantastic casual everyday handbag! Features single exterior zippered pocket, oversized clasp closure, interior zippered pocket.” The moment I saw it I thought it was fresh and very American. It would be an excellent neutral accessory with some punch for spring. I could definitely see Jessica Simpson wearing it!


February 26, 2007 at 9:01 pm 2 comments

Pacifica Candles



Tahitian Gardenia Gift Set

I LOVE candles. I almost always burn tea lights during the evening, but I covet elegant, lightly scented, beautifully packaged pillars in glass containers.  AND I especially love soy candles.  They are long buring, clean, and beautifully light in scent.  These candles from Pacifica are absolutely my favorite.  They come in an incredible array of original scents, they are beautifully packaged (it might break your heart to actually burn them), and they are very reasonably priced.  My favorite scents are Tahitian Gardenia, Nerola Orange Blossom, and Brazillian Mango Grapefruit.  I hope someday to try them all. Enjoy!

February 25, 2007 at 9:17 pm 1 comment

J Crew Inside-out Vachetta Wallet


This little wallet is absolutely ingenious!  I always have trouble transitioning from the tote that I carry to work (usually a coach gallery bag) to the tiny clutch I usually take with me at night.  My everyday  wallet has become too cumbersome!  This little wallet can bridge the gap quite nicely.  It will keep you organized with slots for credit cards and cash, and its size makes it adaptable to nearly any situation.  Especially when you can only take the essentials (for me its: Cell Phone, Wallet, Lipgloss, and keys) And its only $28.00 at J. Crew. (Or you can look for your favorite color on Ebay)

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Chanel Irreelle Soleil Silky Bronzing Powder in Toundra

This is another one of my all time favorites. This product ended my quest to find a bronzer which looked natural on me. The quest to look less pasty was a long one, it included: gradual facial tanning lotion (good in theory but it makes you break out), natural tanning (bad for your skin!), and all of the other inferior “make me look orange and disgusting” bronzers that I tried. I discovered this bronzer after seeing it cited in several magazines as the best hands down broner for people with fair skin and after tyring it I would have to agree. It goes on beautifully, looks natural, and doesn’t make me break out. Right now you can get it for only $46. Pale girls rejoice.

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Farewell to the OC: The Series Finale

Last night the last episode of the OC aired on Fox. I have to say I was dissapointed. I just didn’t buy into the whole “6 months later” and we are going to give everyone exactly what they want thing. It just didn’t seem realistic, and I didn’t like that there wasn’t more of a tribute to Mischa Barton’s character Marissa. She was a big part of the show, and she deserved to be remembered.

On the other hand, the reason I am writing this post at all is that overall it was one of my favorite shows of all time. Yes, it was guility pleasure…but so what? I loved watching Adam Brody as “Seth Cohen” (The love of my life), the beautiful people, the beautiful scenery, the shameless teenage drama…I loved it all. Although it went downhill towards the end, it will still be greatly missed. At least we will always have the dvds.

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Her Space Holiday



Her Space Holiday is one of my favorite bands right now….which is hard won feat in and of itself. Marc Bianchi has created a beautiful sound which reminds me of the Postal Service or Stars (incidentally these bands are also favorites!). It is very electronic with wonderful and suprising elements thrown in like the banjo in “Such Small Hands”. All in all it is just a refreshing sound that I never seem to get sick of. My favorite album of his is The Young Machines, but they are ALL good. My favorite songs are “Tech Romance”, “You and Me”, and “My Girlfriends Boyfriend”. On a random note there is also a video with a song by Monica Brodka (who is also good) on their MySpace Page which I adore set to the same beat as My Girlfriends Boyfriend (I adore the violins). Its just beautiful….

her-space-holiday.jpg her-space2.jpg her-space3.jpeg

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