iConcertcal: Never miss another concert when your favorite band is in town! (Its a concert Calendar)



Okay this is pretty cool.  The glorious calendar you see above is automatically created for you based on what you have in your iTunes.  This way you will always know when your favorite bands are going to be playing a show.  Pure Genius.  You can get your very own iConcertCal at their website: www.iconcertcal.com.


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Edamame a healthy and tasty snack!


The Secret of Edamame

Soy snack is a yummy – and healthy – handful

By Elaine Magee, MPH, RD
WebMD Weight Loss Clinic – Expert Column

What’s so secret about edamame? Well, the name for starters. The first few times I heard it, I had to ask, “eda-whaty?” As it turns out, it’s just a fancy name for boiled green soybeans — and the real secret is that they are much yummier than they sound.

I knew edamame had “arrived” when I saw Faith Hill snacking on them during a backstage-type interview for Country Music Television. They’re the snack my favorite Japanese restaurant brings you when you sit down to a table, and they’re the after-school snack my daughter asks for by name.

Say what you will about the debate over the health benefits of soy: any way you slice it, the edamame is a star legume! Just 1/2 cup of them a day really punches up the fiber, protein and vitamin/mineral content of your diet.

Here’s what you’ll find in a half-cup serving of shelled edamame (or 1 1/8 cup edamame in the pods):

  • 120 calories
  • 9 grams fiber
  • 2.5 grams fat
  • 1.5 grams polyunsaturated fat (0.3 grams plant omega-3 fatty acids)
  • 0.5 gram monounsaturated fat
  • 11 grams protein
  • 13 grams carbohydrate
  • 15 mg sodium
  • 10% of the Daily Value for vitamin C
  • 10% Daily Value for iron
  • 8% Daily Value for vitamin A
  • 4% Daily Value for calcium

As you can see, that little serving of edamame gives you a bunch of fiber: 9 grams, about the same amount you’ll find in 4 slices of whole-wheat bread or 4 cups of steamed zucchini. It has almost as much protein as it does carbohydrate. It contains around 10% of the Daily Value for two key antioxidants; vitamins C and A. And for a plant food, it’s quite high in iron; it has about as much as a 4-ounce roasted chicken breast.

Full Article 

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Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Daily Regenerating Serum


I have decided to start using a serum everyday.  I went to the drugstore and did the usual debate endlessly between two products thing…and this won out.  I have only been using it for a couple of days so far…but I am a fan.  It gives you a fresh little tingly feeling when you apply it and it feels luxurious.  I am not sure that it is doing all of the miraculous things that it claims to be capable of…but I do know that my skin is softer!  I would definitely give it a try! You can get your own Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Daily Regenerating Serum for 11.99 at Drugstore.com.

Reveals deeply radiant, smooth, even-toned skin.

  • Lycopene
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin C

Nutritional-Dermatology. A breakthrough approach in skin care.

The beauty of your skin reflects your inner health and vitality. Skin’s appearance is at its best when essential nutrients aid in stumulating and protecting skin cell activity through the surface layers of the skin. Thus, diet and nutrition, as well as lifestyle and aging, influence the beauty of your skin. Through collaboration with dermatologists and nutritionists, Garnier has developed an advanced skin care line with a unique conbination of natural and essential “dermatological-nutrients,*” surface-cell-recharging ingredients targeted to help your skin stay healthy-looking and beautiful, day after day.

Introducing Garnier Nutritioniste™
A new start for healthy-looking skin.™

Boosts surface-cell regeneration to reveal more even-toned, deeply radiant, smooth skin.

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Burt’s Bees Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil


Well they have gone and made a classic even better. For all of you out there who share a passion for the greatest lip balm ever….now it has pomegranate in it! You can get your very own Burts Bees Lip balm for $2.39 at Drugstore.com. I have included their lovely description below!

NEW! Soothing, Nourishing and Hydrating.

A replenishing and hydrating lip balm infused with the antioxidant goodness of Pomegranate oil. Replenishes moisture and restores texture to reveal smooth, healthy, supple lips!

Not tested on animals. 99.6% Natural.

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Forever 21 takes on new rivals with their new brand Heritage 1981


Well I am not to sure how I feel about this one. On the one hand I am a fan of the natural fibers and higher quality…however I am not a fan of the higher prices. I will also say that the way they are introducing it is pretty confusing because most of the clothing appears to be listed under both brands.

Considering Forever21 is expected to gross more than a billion dollars this year…I am sure this will be a raging success as well…and I am sure I will come around:)

Clothing retailer Forever 21 Inc. isn’t taking the inroads made by “fast fashion” rival H&M Hennes & Mauritz AB lightly.

With the Swedish company opening three stores in its Los Angeles County back yard over the past year, L.A.-based Forever 21 is launching a string of outlets geared to fashion-conscious 20- to 30-year-olds, called Heritage 1981.

Both of the companies specialize in inexpensive clothing, which is quickly manufactured and inspired by–some would say knocked off –the styles created by major designers Forever 21 has opened concept Heritage stores in Mission Viejo and San Jose and a Beverly Center location is in the works.

“We are thrilled to open a new concept store that expands our merchandise range. We will use our consumer friendly strategies of new fashion and everyday deliveries at a great value,” said Forever 21 Senior Vice President Larry Meyer. Four more locations are planned, in Bloomington, Minn., Chicago, Philadelphia and Woodbridge, N.J.

While Forever 21 stores are sprawling, packed with merchandise and” designed to appeal to young ladies and their mothers, the new stores have a tighter focus and higher-quality clothing.

Heritage clothing, priced between $25 and $50, is made of natural fibers, in contrast to Forever 21’s clothes, which are usually priced in the $15 range. Half of the Heritage clothes are men’s; all of the Forever 21 items are for women.

Heritage clothes are classically inspired, woven pieces with colorful prints and plaids, knits and carefully faded denim Notably absent are career clothes and clubbing duds.

The atmosphere of Heritage stores also will contrast with the Forever 21 stores, with weathered doors, wood-framed windows, vintage artwork and hardwood floors. Forever 21 stores have standard white walls and white floors, and POP music is always humming.

Forever 21 grossed $925 million in 2005, and revenues are expected to top $1.1 billion this year.


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Laptop Lunches- Bento-ware for everywhere: The Coolest Lunch Box Ever! (For Grownups too)


I have been trying to eat healthy food for a couple of months now, and I have become pretty addicted to it. The problem I have though is Lunch. It is just too hard to figure out how to eat out in a healthy way on my lunch break. So I started looking for some sort of adult lunch box solution…and I found it! This handy little device has all sorts of compartments so that I can pack lots of healthy things in one meal like cottage cheese, sandwiches, carrots, fruit…etc. Their description is better than mine so I have included it below! You can get your very own Laptop Lunch System for $34.99which includes the Laptop Lunch insulated carrying case, water bottle, the Laptop Lunch Bento Box with all inner containers and utensils, and one copy of The Laptop Lunch User’s Guide

Laptop Lunches are American-style bento boxes designed to help families pack nutritious, environment-friendly lunches for school, work, and travel. Our sustainable lunch containers–which come with a book of healthy lunch ideas and lunchmaking recipes–are reusable, recyclable, and dishwasher safe. And all of our lunchboxes are lead-free.

You can visit their official website at www.laptoplunches.com!

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Revlon Brow Fantasty:An Eyebrow Kit in One Convienient Little Package!


This little guy is amazing.  I have always suffered from sparse eyebrows and this was the answer for me!  I have always shied away from eyebrow products because I was concerned that they looked fake and obvious but this one does the trick.  I use the pencil end to fill in the sparse spots, and the gel end to set my brows and make them look a little fuller.  The best part is that it is another drugstore gem so you can get your own for $6.89 . I have included the official description below!

Perfect your brows with Revlon’s Brow Fantasy® Pencil & Gel. Define and style brows in two quick steps for a polished look that lasts all day. The defining pencil fills in with soft, blendable color, while the brush-on sheer-tint gel styles, shapes and sets brows. Available in 4 shades.

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